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Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions SGOIC manages your equity in a competitive and transparent manner.

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Managed portfolios

At Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions SGOIC we offer competitive and transparent management, always tailored to each investor profile, when managing our customers’ assets.

These are some of the advantages we offer when you entrust us with the management of your portfolio:

  • Monitoring and analysis:a team of managers will look after your assets and make the tactical movements necessary to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Transparency:check movements in real time, either through your personal manager or through any of our remote banking tools.
  • Adaptation to each risk profile:we carry out conservative processes without exposure to equity, mixed-type processes with varying degrees of exposure to equity and 100% equity processes with different strategies depending on geographical area and type of securities.
Customised SICAVs

SICAVs, a type of open-ended investment company, are collective investment undertakings with the legal status of a public limited company, whose corporate purpose is to invest in financial assets.

If you would like more information about SICAVs, as a financial instrument for raising funds for management or investment purposes, or to acquire shares in a SICAV company, please contact a personal manager, who will inform you of the most suitable options.

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Unit Linked

Unit Linked, or unitised insurance funds, are financial products that allow for future savings. They offer a different way of investing, while at the same time having life insurance and a savings fund. That is to say, this is an investment in a basket of funds, shares, or bonds that is structured around a life insurance policy.

If you want more information about Unit Linked product options that we can offer you at Sabadell d’Andorra Inversions SGOIC, contact a personal manager, who will inform you of the most suitable options.

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